The Story

Colors blending together in perfect chaos 

As a teenager I came across one of my dad's books; it was about Chaos Theory by James Gleick. What I took away from the book is the interconnection between nature and science, and a new appreciation of nature's unpredictability. As my dyeing technique evolved over the last three years I began to see more and more of that chaos theory emerge. Using the low immersion dyeing technique I apply dye in small scale randomness to present large scale, visually pleasing patterns. This is what makes my yarns unique, and easily distinguishable, and are guaranteed to keep you guessing until the last bind off stitch to discover the full spectrum of color in your skein.

My shop features low immersion dyed yarns along with some more traditionally dyed tonal, variegated and semi-solid yarns.

If you want to know even MORE about me!

I am a very lucky mama to two lovely boys; Elliot and Reid. I live with my husband, the boys, a Great Dane, and four hens in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I have called Portland my home since early 2000.

Knitting and sewing have been an integral part of my life since I was a little girl. My grandma taught me to knit when I was six, she is of the generation that was still used to doing everything by hand and from scratch. She sewed our clothes and canned fruits and vegetables to make it through the winter. I remember every fall we canned peaches from our own peach orchard.
Through the years I continued knitting and also pursued other crafts. But I did not begin crafting seriously again until I became pregnant with my first son. Early on we decided to use cloth diapers, and that's how I was introduced to the cloth and woolie world.
I was inspired to begin sewing and knitting again. In 2007 I created my first company, Royal Bottoms - it is quite likely you own a wetbag that was made by me. As I started offering more hand knit items through the store and dabbed in yarn dyeing, I felt that it was time to separate my crafts and create a store that better showcases my knitting and dyeing.

- Raya